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DbSchema DbSchema is our main product, featuring graphical layouts, Relational Data Browse, Query Builder, SQL Editor, Schema Synchronization and many more.

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DbSchema history

The project started in 1989. The target was to write a user-friendly, intuitive, scalable software, compatible with all SQL-based relational databases software. And based on the first positive feedback of Rui Martins from Portugal, consultant at that time on a big telephony company, we knew we can build a product which is strongly different from the other products in the market.

Contribute to DbSchema

Our software is not open source, but you can still help us by giving feedback about the product features you may want to have, bugs and ideas how to improve DbSchema.

Since different peoples with different backgrounds, like developers, database administrators, system architects, etc. are using DbSchema, we try to model the tool so we can fit everybody needs. On the other hand we don't have a global view, so writing us will help to understand your needs and expectations.

Send us feedback

There are few ways of contacting us:
  • DbSchema user forum
  • Report a bug feature directly in DbSchema
  • Contact form directly on DbSchema website
  • Write us on DbSchema email
The sales office can be contacted 24 hours a day. For technical support please use one of the above contacts. We will try to come as soon as possible back to you, but delays caused on wait queue are not excluded.