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Wise Coders Solutions Press Releases Press Release August 2011

Wise Coders Solutions Ships new Version of DbSchema, an graphical Database Tool with diagrams, SQL editor and Data Browse

M√ľnich, Germany, Jun 21, 2011 -- Wise Coders Solutions announced the general availability of DbSchema 5.7, a powerful database and operating system independent tool.

If you are programmer, system architect or database administrator, DbSchema may be the tool you are looking for. With a sigle tool you can do a graphical, easy to understand design of the schema, easy interact with the data via Relational Data Browse, use the Query Builder or SQL editor.

DbSchema uses Layouts with diagrams to represent the database schema. You can make use of multiple layouts to get a better representation of the schema. Tables, columns and foreign keys can be edited directly in the diagram, by simply double-clicking them. Starting a new diagram is also very simple: by drag and drop from the structure tree you add the first table, than you choose a foreign key adressing this table and the table at the other end of the foreign key will be added to the diagram. In situations like this the foreign key become similar with a link in the web, with the role of joining information, and help to DbSchema workflow you can navigate and understand very easy the database schema.

Relational Data Browse is a module inside DbSchema focused on easy interaction with the data. The interesting stuff about this is that you can reach a complex target like showing data from multiple tables in easiear way as writing Sql queries. It works visual, by drag & drop and navigate from table to table via foreign keys. You start with a table, as an

The standard way of interacting with the data is There are

DbSchema can generate nice print-outs of the diagrams as well as SVG web HTML images.

The database schema is represented in layouts ( diagrams ), which graphically shows the tables and the relation between them. For a better representation, the relations between the tables can be drawn in two diferent ways. Big databases can be represented in multiple layouts, each layout focused on specific tables. Any modifications to the schema can be done directly in the layout and later commited on the database. There is no danger to change the database accidentaly, because the changes will be effectively applied on the database only if you do 'online schema changes' and aprove each change apart.

Relational Data Browse, one of the primary tools in DbSchema is an amazingly simple and efficient data explorer. You can start by viewing the data from one table, with optional data filters. Than with one single mouse click open any of the related tables and see the matching records. You can repeat this operation and build a complex browse tree, without any limitations in size. Within the Browse Tree you can edit the data, do filtering or ordering. The browse is an excellent alternative for the traditional SQL queries, intuitive and easy to use. The work you do here will be saved within the project file and can be later reopened.

If is about SQL, you may use the Query Builder to build complex queries, with different join types, where clauses and ordering. By simple dragging the tables you need from the layout in the Query Builder pane and choosing the columns to select, you may build sophisticated queries, without beeing an advanced SQL developer.

And if you like, you may use the SQL editor for editing and running textual queries.

DbSchema is suitable for team work as well as for direct use. Because projects are stored in the own project files, you may use DbSchema for designing the schema from scratch or for synchronizing different databases.

By commenting the database schema and generating compact, internet-compatible xhtml documentation you may achive

Availability and Pricing

DbSchema personal is available at $127 per user. For more information, please visit http://www.dbschema.com. New features and changes: http://www.dbschema.com/features.html Screen shots: http://www.dbschema.com/screenshots.html

About Wise Coders Solutions Wise Coders Solutions is a German software company developing, marketing and selling database software since 2002.