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DbConsole 1.0 - Universal Command Line Database Client

Germany, Munich, Apr 23, 2019 -- Wise Coders Solutions announced the general availability of DbConsole 1.

If you are database administrator, programmer or you simply interact with databases, DbConsole may help you during the daily work. Many database environments are running on Linux machines, where command line applications are preferred. For this cases DbConsole can be the database client you are looking for.

Execute Queries on Multiple databases

DbConsole can connect and execute queries on multiple databases. This is useful in the case you have to manage multiple databases with similar schemes and tables. Also in the case you have to manage distinct development and production databases DbConsole can be an useful application. The databases can be of different types, like Postgres, SqlServer, MySql, Redshift, Oracle, Cassandra or any other SQL or NoSQL database.

Transfer Data Between Databases

Administrators often gets the request to transfer data between database. DbConsole can transfer tables or combined data from different tables from one database to another. This is possible using customizable queries. For a fast transfer DbConsole can use configurable number of threads and batch sizes.

Upload Result Files on FTP Servers

DbConsole can query multiple databases and generate one .csv result file. The file can be uploaded on client ftp machines. Also any other protocols are supported, like sftp, http, hdfs, etc.

Write Complex Scripts Using Java Groovy

Simple SQL scripts are not always enough for certain requests. Using Java Groovy more complex scripts can be added, which can:

  • Do complex computation on selected data or do complex updates
  • Modify large tables in chunks of smaller data sets
  • Access any Java classes
  • Send emails, write files, etc.

Groovy is a Java based scripting language. All Java functions are supported. Groovy is adding closures, multi-line strings and templates to standard Java. Groovy is known for its usage with Gradle.

Schedule SQL Scripts for Execution

Administrators execute SQL scripts using linux crontab. This has the disadvantage of not being aware when the script crashes. DbConsole can be configured and send an email each time an script crashes. Also the DbConsole can include Java Groovy logic, which can make use of:

Pricing and Licensing

DbConsole is a free software licensed under Apache 2 license. The technical support is free.