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DbSchema 8 is Available

Germany, Munich, Apr 23, 2019 -- Wise Coders Solutions announced the general availability of DbSchema 8, a powerful universal database designer.

If you are programmer, system architect or database administrator, DbSchema is one of the tools which may help you during your daily work. DbSchema may help you to document the database schema, create HTML5 interactive documentation, create and compare the schema with multiple databases and generate schema migration scripts, easy explore data from the database using Relational Data Browse, generate random data, visual edit SQL queries, edit SQL scripts and create HTML reports.

Schema Versioning and Migration

DbSchema reverse engineers the schema from the database in its own local image. This image is being saved as project file. The local schema is independent from the database and can be created or compared with any other database. Saving different versions of the same schema into different project files and comparing this files with another can generate database migration scripts. The project files can be shared in a team using GIT.

Manage the Schema on Multiple Databases

DbSchema can connect to different databases without affecting the local schema. This schema can be compared and deployed on any database, migration scripts can be generated.

Graphical Interaction with the Schema

DbSchema use layouts (diagrams) to represent the database schema. To get a better representation of the schema you can create multiple layouts with the same or different tables. Tables, columns and foreign keys can be edited directly in the layout. Layouts will be saved to project file and can be later reopen.

Easy Explore Database Data

Relational Data Browse is a module for simultaneous exploring data from multiple tables. First start with one table and then open further tables having foreign keys to the first table. You can cascade in as many tables as you like. If your schema is missing foreign keys you may create virtual foreign keys. Relational Data Browse will help to visually explore data from multiple tables, similar with SQL join queries. The tool can be also used to edit the data.

Interactive HTML5 or PDF Documentation

Large databases needs good documentation. Using DbSchema you can document each table and column. HTML5 or PDF documentation can be generated with vector image of the schema. Table and column comments can be read as mouse-over tooltips. Vector images are much smaller compared to bitmap images.

Random Data Generator

Developers and testers are using it for generating test data. The generator is using reverse regular expressions as well as numeric, date or Groovy configurable patterns.

Query Editors

For editing SQL queries you can use the Visual Query Builder or the SQL Editor. The graphical query builder features filters, JOINS, GROUP BY and ORDER BY. The SQL Editor features text autocompletion and explain plan.

Design Schema Offline

Schema can be designed even without any database. The design will be saved to project file and later can be created on any database or converted between different databases.


DbSchema personal is available at $127 per user. Licenses are valid for life and include all features for all databases. DbSchema can run on all operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. All licenses include free technical support and one year free renewal - update to new developed versions.

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Wise Coders GmbH with VatId DE322270935 is a German software company founded in 2019, specialized in software for large databases.