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Wise Coders Solutions

Wise Coders is a software company specialized in writing software for databases. Our main project is DbSchema, an interactive and powerful database tool.

Wise Coders Solutions

Five Reasons for DbSchema

  • Best quality design tool. Intuitive and user friendly.
  • Relational Data Browse. Will save you much work and provide efficiency
  • You don't have to be an SQL expert
  • Integrated environment: SQL Editor, Query Builder, Relational Data Browse, Layouts, etc.
  • Compatible with all JDBC standard relational databases
  • Project oriented. You are not tight to a particular database.
  • Top documentation, print-outs and comments.
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Relational Databases vs Cloud

More and more peoples consider that the relational databases time is over. This is not true. The cloud is a good solution for high amounts of data and many request. In most of the cases the results delivered out of the cloud are small.

Databases are a relational environment, while the cloud is a tree-alike data store. Saving unrelated data in the cloud has been proved by Google as a successfull implementation. But there where you have much structured data, different tables and relations between tables, the database is still the best.

What brings performance in the database design ?

We have often seen situations where the developers are trying to 'clean up' the database complexity by reducing the number of Foreign Keys. And not only that. Some of them are also looking to have only less tables with many columns.

This is wrong ! SQL databases means relational databases, where data is placed well, with relations between tables. The database model has to reflect in a natural way the business model and indirect will reflect the complete application model.

Try to keep a clean, well relational database model and the performance will increase. Try to make a distinction between low volume data and high volume data. For each of them you should have a different design strategy. High volume data has to be kept small, well normalized.