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We can help you to correctly design and manage databases.

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We develop our software using the latest technologies: OpenJDK and JavaFX.

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Our tools are easy-to-use and intuitive. We give the data a visual representation, so is easy to visualize and understand.

Database design

What does Database Design mean?

Database Design is a collection of processes that facilitate the designing, development, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise data management systems. Properly designed databases are easy to maintain, implement data consistency, and are cost-effective in term of disk storage space. The database designer decides how the data elements correlate and how to store the data.

Which are the Key Factors for a good design?

The visual approach is the first to consider. Data is not only a bunch of tables. It is also a relation between tables, where the information is being used in different contexts. Relational databases are using 'foreign keys' to implement them. But they have much more meaning.

A good design is when you make the relations between data visual. Diagrams give your data meaning. And this is what a good design is. Just make your database schema a 'map' of your business.

Data Query

Our Innovative Solution: DbSchema

  • Design databases visually
  • Design the schema in a team
  • Deploy the schema on multiple databases
  • Database documentation
  • Relational Data Explorer
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Design Schema-Less Databases

Let's have a look on MongoDB. It is a schema-less database. What does this mean? You can put in everything in the same collection: users, orders, customers, everything. But who does this? Nobody.

Having things in the right place is one of the major design principle. Assuming this we create diagrams for MongoDB, we let you visually organize and document MongoDB databases.

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MongoDB Designer

For DB Admins: DbShell

Free universal database command line prompt.
  • Execute queries on multiple databases
  • Transfer the data
  • Run scheduled tasks
  • Deliver data via ftp or email
  • Monitor databases
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Our Contribution to the Open-Source Community

MongoDB JDBC Driver

MongoDB JDBC Driver

Our driver support native MongoDB queries. It also grabs the schema structure by introspecting the data.

Cassandra JDBC Driver

Cassandra JDBC Driver

Cassandra driver for executing CQL queries over JDBC.

Salesforce JDBC Driver

Salesforce JDBC Driver

The driver can connect to Salesforce and run SQL queries.